> Cancer: care may come from the manipulated virus dell’Herpes

researchers at The’Università di Bologna, in fact, have studied for years, a particular virus dell’Herpes the handling of which has provided good results in the fight against cancer.

The virus product is effective not only when injected directly into the cancer cells, but also when taken by the general.

If the next test should be just as successful, the discovery could open new avenues in the treatment especially of certain types of cancer, such as, for example, that dell’s ovary, and breast.

The virus dell’Herpes amended it would be in fact able to identify a specific marker (HER-2), which reveals the presence of these tumor types.

From the experiments so far carried out by the researchers, the virus destroys the cancer cells without damaging healthy ones.

Perhaps it is still early to sing victory, but if the next steps were to produce more of the positive effects, the work of the experts of bologna would allow the development of new treatments for these two types of cancer that, in Italy, affecting approximately 42 million women each year.

genital Herpes: screening tests not recommended for HSV

February 2013

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