> Aids healed the girl is treated with antiviral drugs against the Hiv virus

Born già suffering from Aids, a little girl subjected to antiretroviral therapy after 30 hours from the birth, would seem to be healed.

the news comes from The annual conference on “Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections”, which was held in Atlanta.

The small, organized two years ago, was treated with one therapy rather aggressive, which consisted of a mix of antiretroviral drugs.

Now, the last test to which is subjected the girl give a negative answer. It could be an important result becauseé, if confirmed, could point the way to the treatment of the thousands of children that are born alreadyà affected by the Hiv virus.

The hypothesis formulated by health, and that the so-called “cure functional”, i.e., the treatment administered to the small, have reduced the presence of the Hiv virus to levels manageable by the immune system.

The virus would still be present in the body, but the results may not exclude recourse to pharmacological treatment the usual that is used for Aids patients.

As explained by Deborah Persaud of Johns Hopkins Children’s Center in Baltimore, now is to check if the reaction to the care obtained on the little girl “is a strong, unusual to antiretroviral therapy carried out very soon, or something that you can actually replicate in other infants at high risk”.


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4 march 2013

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