> In the hypothalamus key to aging and longevità

A recent search of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine reveals the existence of a switch that decides what we can define as ‘the expiration date’ of life.

Published on Nature, the study has identified a molecule called NF-kB one of the causes of cellular aging.

it Is a protein that is produced by the hypothalamus, a portion of the brain located between the two hemispheres of the brain. An important area becauseé controls many functions of the body and acts on the activitiesà of the pituitary gland.

in Addition to regulating sleep, wakefulness, and the so-called centers of hunger, sazietà and the thirst, the hypothalamus also governs the emotions and sexual behavior.

researchers have così studied its secretions, such as NF-kB, by formulating the hypothesis that its inhibition could delay the aging, delaying in this way the ‘expiry date’ of the organism.

this Is a test performed on the animal model and in mice used for the experiments has been obtained for a lengthening the average life of the 20%.

Certainly a good news to which must be added that the mice in question is not had the diseases that accompany normally aging.

The scientists were able to reveal that with the passage of time, the production of the protein NF-kB increases. In relation to this data, tests were run on the three groups of mice.

The first group, the production of the molecule has been inhibited, the second has not undergone any change, in the third group, instead, the brain has been ‘pushed’ to produce higher levels of NF-kB.

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Così, if the first group lived an average of 1.110 days, the second has not exceeded 1000 days, while the third has not passed the 900 days of life.

“our study clearly indicates that many aspects of aging are controlled by the hypothalamus,” he explained Donsheng Cai that has coordinated the work.

In mice, then added a Cai, acting on the protein è was possible to “slow the aging process, increasing the longevità”.

The scientist has underlined that the mice, which were inhibited the secretion of the molecule, had increased muscle strength and better capacity for learning.

it is too soon to say he has found the key to the elixir of life, but certainly the results achieved may represent a way for further studies aimed at controlling diseases related to old age.


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