> De Duve, the Nobel prize and leaves us and chooses euthanasia

decided to die at the age of 95 years, not wanting to wait for the date of their own destiny, but being the one who decides when to stop his life.

So the 4 of may if they went to the nobel prize winner Christian De Duve who has decided to take advantage of the new law in Belgium since 2012 allows, in respect of a number of conditions, to undergo a euthanasia.

Had issued to the belgian newspaper Le Soir a statement that explained the reasons for which it had chosen “the sweet death”, saying among other things:” I am Not a believer. Scomparirò not sarà nothing.”

According to a statement released by her daughter Francoise, who was next to the father in the moment of farewell, the professor is off on the più total serenityà and following the lethal injection without even taking sleeping pills or anti-anxiety meds.

professor De Duve was born in England to a belgian family emigrated, on the 2nd of October 1917 in Thames Ditton in Surrey before returning to Belgium in 1920.

he Had studied at the Università Cattolica di Leuven where he specialized in cell Biology.

In 1974, he obtained, together with Albert Claude and George Emile Palade, the Nobel prize for Physiology or Medicine “for their discoveries on the structural organization and functional of the cell”.

professor De Duve has also had a fertile literary production, writing various books including “Dust of life” in 1988 in which he reconstructs the four billion year history of life on Earth, from the first biomolecules to the human mind.

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In 2003, he published : “How to evolve the life. From molecules to the mind symbolic” in which he makes the point on what we know today of the Evolution in a century and a half from Darwin and fifty years after the discovery of the structure of DNA.

In April 2005, he published his book, the più controversial   The”origins of life”, where the scientist track, one of his important and original breakdown in the mechanisms of the evolutionary process.

In this book, one of the seven steps that lead to the origin of life is by him defined  “intelligent Design”.

He telesò that, “This mechanism postulates the occurrence of steps in the evolution that could not take place without the intervention of some type of entity; the guide to the supernatural”.

This “intelligent design” was criticized by many of his colleagues who stated that the topic deserves to be mentioned in a scientific context, sinceé in effect it is an argument that should never be taken into account if, after excluding all of the explanations natural, something that obviously could never happen.

Addio Professor De Duve.

7 may 2013