> With Omega-3 no advantage for patients with cardiac disease

Treat with drugs based on omega-3 patients at high vascular risk is of little use, becauseé does not produce any particular benefits. The study of the Mario Negri Institute.

The research, Risk and prevention” is of great significance becauseé has involved well 860 family physicians of the Ssn. Published on the New England Journal of Medicine, the study purpose was to verify if the a gram daily of polyunsaturated fatty acids might reduce the mortality,à and hospital admissions related to cardiovascular problems.

The data, in summary, ‘disagree’ pill omega-3 perché “does not entail specific advantages in terms of reduction of mortality,à and hospitalization for reasons of cardiovascular disease, when added to good medical care così as è available in the practice of 860 general practitioners “.

in Addition to the family doctors, the research involved more than 12 thousand patients, of which 39% women, with an age average of 64 years. The participants, distributed throughout Italy, were followed-up for 5 years.

What’s interesting is that the research has been supported by the manufacturers of the drug, in addition to doctors throughout Italy that joined voluntarily and ensuring the reliability; of the data.

The results have been published thanks to the collaboration between the researchers from the Irccs-Istituto di ricerche farmacologiche Mario Negri and Mario Negri Sud Consortium.


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9 maggio 2013

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