> Hiv: the Italian primacy to antiretroviral therapy, life expectancy più high

Italy holds the record on antiretroviral therapy, a patient is Hiv that is running a regular therapy, has a life expectancy greater than that which occurs in the world.

To reveal it is an international study published in 2013 at the CROI Atlanta, a research that has compared all of the national registries, reports of infections, improvements and deaths of individuals in treatment.

The primacy of the Italian sarà the object of a large space in the course of the fifth edition of I. C. A. R., the Italian Conference on AIDS and Retroviruses, sponsored by SIMIT, Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, held in Turin, italy.

more Than 600 experts from all over the world will meet and discuss the situation and progress made in the field of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of HIV infection.

If the given Italian compared with that of european countries such as France, Spain and Germany, not è particularly significant in terms of differences – explained Prof. Giovanni Di Perri, President of the Congress and director SIMIT – with the United States, “surprisingly, instead, the gap to the Italian, in the positive”.

Perri also notes that from the data we detect a change of the modeà transmission. If in the years ’80, the transmission of the virus occurred predominantly through the exchange of infected syringes, “today, 80% of new infections comes from unprotected sexual intercourse”.

età average of subjects infected is is raised, going from 20-30 years in the year 2000, 30-40 years current. Given that the expert underlines it with a certain importance, positive becauseé “it would seem that our patients are getting older of course, with all the ailments and diseases related to età”.

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in Short, a large part to antiretroviral therapy, by inhibiting the multiplication of the HIV virus, allowing the immune system to perform better their task. Thereò has direct consequences mainly on the qualityà of the life of the patient, without neglecting economic aspects.

Clearly, according to the experts, the interruption of therapy would result in the revival of Hiv infection and the action of the virus would lead to a worsening of the patient’s condition.

In the best conditions, therapeutic exercise, instead, life expectancy is close to that of the rest of the population not affected by the virus.


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14 may 2013