> An aspirin to relieve the symptoms of depression

mental Disorders are treated with aspirin, according to tests carried out by the Università Melbourne, it would be possible. Attention toò, the researchers make it clear that the effectiveness of aspirin refers to mental disorders attributable to inflammatory processes in the brain and in the blood.

The data of the study were presented in the cityà the australian in the course national Conference on mental health.

According to Brian Dean, coordinator of the research, common medications, if added to existing treatments, such as aspirin, celecoxib and infliximab, can alleviate significantly the symptoms of depression, schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Not only that, even the omega-3 fatty acids get the positive effects.

Dean has made it clear that the research has offered the opportunityà to identify new explanations on the mechanisms that can develop many mental disorders. These include, for example, lesions of the brain tissues in the presence of abnormal levels of proteins linked to inflammation.

For the researcher is clear as to the existence of “an acute inflammatory condition in mental disorders”, so there is no need to go search for new drugs, but is sufficient “to allocate the existing ones to new targets”.

In summary, for Dean, the psychiatric care part of the analysis of the blood, thanks to which is possible to identify the changes of proteins related to inflammation. Thereò you can define the various stages of mental disorder.

Sarà can, in addition, identify “subtypes” or “inflammatory forms” of the disease. In short, a new avenue of therapy that includes treatments depending on the results of the analysis of the blood.

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Dean, the inflammatory processes correspond (before or after) with the initial stages of a psychiatric condition and are at the origin, at least in part, disorders of acclaimed.

The scientist explained that there are many factors that bring a particular purchase louis vuittonà inflammation , including the stress and the trauma. But also a life style is not healthy, the genetic variation and maternal infections that can cause effects on the fetus.

“who would have thought that one of the più promising new drugs in psychiatry would have been the aspirin?”, he added the researcher.


La depressione post partum

16 maggio 2013