> From the skin embryonic stem cells, opens the door to human cloning

What human cloning is a topic that divides but at the same time, never ceases to fascinate. An article on the Cell back on the dream of therapeutic cloning.

The sheep Dolly, born 16 years ago, with a technique that can reprogram adult cells went around the world. An important step for science because" without the use of the embryo, it was possible to demonstrate the possibilityà to get undifferentiated stem can turn into every tissue.

From then on, after the initial enthusiasm came the frost, also becauseé Ian Wilmut, the coordinator of the project, explanationò that the same technique did not work with the primates. In short, everything seemed to have been shelved along with the idea of being able to produce human stem cells to be used for the treatment of degenerative diseases.

this, instead, is that the researchers of the Università of Oregon to re-open the door with an article published in the scientific journal Cell.

The team led by Shoukhrat Mitalipov, starting from the skin cells, è managed to bring them back to the stage of embryonic cells. Scientists call them ‘girls’ and are at the origin of every portion of our body.

The news has già awakened the interest of many experts. The therapeutic cloning, in fact, would allow the production of cells ‘personalized’ for each patient, obtaining a kind of reserve cells for self-repair to be used for the treatment of diseases that still do not have adequate solutions. Just think of the cases of spinal injury, or to the Parkinson, or multiple sclerosis.

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Despite the non-technical steps for the destruction of human embryos, the controversy will not miss from anyone who poses ethical problems as soon as you talk about cloning.

The process used by Mitalipov provides for the transfer of the nucleus of a skin cell into an oocyte that has been properly treated. In this way the result obtained is that of a cell that ‘regresses’ to assume characteristics of the primordial.

Mitalipov explains that it is stem cells that are able “to turn into every type of tissue such as embryonic, giving rise to the tissues of the brain, the liver, or the heart”.

C’è still much work to be done to establish the “care for safe and effective based on this technique,” explained the scientist.

But a problem seems to be già resolved, that the rejection “becauseé the origin of this source there are the cells of the person to be healed,” added Mitalipov.


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15 may 2013