> Leukemia, 18-year-old creates an algorithm to facilitate the diagnosis

Has won a prize of 3 thousand dollars given to her from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.

For its implementation, has used as a cue of the cloud platform, the cloud computing, as a large archive of online data, has allowed to the girl and the elaboration of mathematical models which help doctors in the diagnosis of aggressive forms of leukemia.

In summary, Brittany, è been able to reproduce the network of neurons that allows it to detect the genetic profile of patients potentially suffering from the disease, even when they appear in the forms più aggressive such as acute leukemia, myeloid and lymphoid.

The processing of the algorithm results in a scale of probabilityà può to facilitate the task of the doctor to make a diagnosis.

Brittany has in the past won a prize, always relating to the topic of health, for having developed an application for the diagnosis of breast cancer.

The acute forms of leukemia occur mostly in the first 10 years of life, while other forms are observed more after the age of 40 with a peak around 80 years of età.

In the United States the disease causes about 16 thousand deaths each year.


broccoli, attacking cancer cells of leukemia

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23 maggio 2013

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