> Nsaids in high doses can increase the risk of heart attack and cardiovascular events

According to the researchers of the Università di Oxford, the use of some FANS, especially if taken at high doses and for long periods, produces a cardiac risk real.

this anti-inflammatory non-steroidal, frequently used to treat pain especially in the joints caused by diseases like arthritis, periarthritis, arthritis, just to name a few.

The search has been completed, taking account of 639 studies related to this type of drugs, the number of patients involved is very wide, more than 300 thousand.

The data indicate that some of the FANS may contribute to a rise in the risk of heart attack by 33%.

The researchers found that for every thousand patients suffering from arthritis, and treated with high doses of NSAIDS for a long period of time, the risk of a cardiovascular event important ranges from 8 per thousand to 11 per thousand.

In summary, you experience three heart attacks in the più compared to patients not treated with NSAIDS.

Of the side effects produced by anti-inflammatory non-steroidal c’è the extensive scientific literature that speaks of gastrointestinal problems that, in cases of long use, it can produce ulcers or bleeding, however, rarely fatal.

it is for this reason they were placed on the market, FANS of the new generation (called selective inhibitors of the COX-2 enzyme), but the data of the recent research confirms the increased cardiovascular risk.


Painkillers and other drugs raise the risk of hypertension

Maggio 2013

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