> Alzheimer’s disease, the care of a toxin produced by a bacterium intestinal

If &is a step forward in the direction of the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease you will seeà certainly the study of the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, and the Università di Bologna is interesting. The treatment of this degenerative joint disease may reside in the gut.

According to the Italian study, in fact, the care would be a toxin produced by a bacterium that populates the human gut.

The results of the research were housed in an authoritative dental journal Plos One. This is the toxin CNF1, produced by Escherichia coli, a common bacterium present in the gut, which would be able to reduce the symptoms of cellular models of the disease up to complete disappearance.

this Is an important result, but the conditional is required becauseé so far, the toxin has worked on the lab rats that were subjected to experimentation.

Già other research conducted by the ISS were detected as the CNF1 would stimulate the abilityà the cognitive healthy mice. Now the scholars have obtained the regression of the clinical signs of Alzheimer’s disease, caused by a toxic protein (beta-amyloid) that accumulates in the form of plaques and that suffocates the neurons. From here the cognitive decline caused by interference to nerve transmission.

The results obtained, according to the researchers, they represent a step forward for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease, opening new avenues of research.

Carla Fiorentini, the coordinator of the group of ISS, explained that previously, “we had alreadyà highlighted as the CNF1 can stimulate the plasticità brain and combat cognitive deficits and coordination in a mouse model for Rett Syndrome, a rare disease of neurodevelopment”.

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“Thanks to the CNF1 today we show that we can tackle important symptoms cellular models, common to several neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, for which there is no cure”, adds Gabriele Campana and Roberto Rimondini, the coordinators of the group of the Università di Bologna.

in Short, an all-Italian study, which “is a fundamental step for the achievement of an effective therapy,” say the researchers.

Now, we want to be in conditions to proceed to human trials as soon as possible to fight a disease more common and devastating of our companyà.


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31 may 2013