> Marijuana, low doses of THC protect the brain from damage cognitive

The THC is the psychoactive component of marijuana, and è been the subject of investigation by researchers from the Università of Tel Aviv.

According to the data, published in Behavioural Brain Research and Experimental Brain Research, the THC if used with controlled doses may protect the brain from possible damage resulting from hypoxia (lack of oxygen), injury, toxicityà drug, only a few examples.

Damage that might have clinical outcomes important più or less serious.

The study carried out by the israeli researchers is interesting becauseé shows how to use the active ingredient of marijuana in very low doses and at different times.

The dose experienced is, on average, less than from one thousand to 10 thousand times that normally contained in a joint. While the time of use range from one to seven days before the lesion, and up to three days after. According to scientists, the active ingredient acts directly on the brain cells, preserving, in time, cognitive functions.

For Yosef Be, one of the authors of the research, it is a treatment that canò be used, and be safe in time, in many types of brain injury.

tests have revealed that the THC has the characteristic not only of preventing the cell death, but to promote more growth factors.

The study has been conducted on animals divided into two groups. The first group, treated with THC (following brain injury), has given a better response in the behavioral tests, cognitive, learning and memory in 3-7 weeks after the traumatic event (compared to that of control which had not received THC).

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in Addition, in animals that had received the active ingredient, there was a higher presence of chemical substances neuroprotective.

the researchers is; the long period in which può be administered the treatment to make an interesting study. Thereò, in fact, allows to intervene after a brain injury, but also before, in order to prevent those of the future.

Be emphasize in every way the importance of the low dosage of THC. Amount; a minimum allow you to start the process of ‘therapeutic’ by reducing to a minimum the initial damage.


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3 June 2013