> Alzheimer’s disease, a diagnostic kit for the diagnosis of the disease at the first stage

This is, in summary, the conclusion arrived at by the researchers with the Study “crystallographic of radioligands for Pet in clinical evaluation for early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease”.

Presented in Bari, and completed by Policlinico, with the collaboration Biofordrgug of the Università degli Studi di Bari and the institute of Crystallography of the Cnr, the research identifies a simple examination of the blood the ability to diagnose early disease.

In summary, if the tests are elevated levels of copper, the patient undergoes a positron emission tomography (PET), thanks to which it is possible to verify how it acts and in what quantityà è present in the Glycoprotein-P.

If the parameters of the latter are out of the normalityà, è a definite signal that Alzheimer’s has started its process. The advantage, as explained in the study, lies in the fact that it is possible to intervene before the presence of the P-Glycoprotein is reduced to very low levels.

this Is, as explained by the researchers, of a new road diagnosis that leads to healing of the disease, but to its ‘containment’, i.e. delay, contrastandola, the neurological degeneration of patients suffering from the disease.

The research involved in five years about 2 thousand patients presenting with risk factors. For Nicola Colabufo, who directs Biofordrug, è important to monitor the protein in question becauseé “is responsible for the progression of neurodegenerative disorder in the subject.

A process “that normally takes place in the span of 10 years, he explained, Colabufo -after that, the P-Glycoprotein begins to lose both in terms of the expression of the activityà”.

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Always in Bari, on June 21 sarà presented the “diagnostic kit” that will allowà to detect the possible onset of the disease at the first stage.


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6 June 2013