> Atrophy and vaginal estrogen therapy (local-LET)

An online survey of over 1000 couples revealed that women using LET to combat the atrophy of the vaginal/dryness,  reported having had sexual intercourse less painful (56%), the sex of the più satisfactory (41%), and a better sex life (29%), according to the study conducted by James A. Simon of the Women’s Health and Research Consultants, George Washington University School of Medicine.

in Addition, a large number of men (57%) said it expects più activitiesà sexual, as a result of the processing.

“This topic is incredibly important. I speak all the days with the women,” says the gynecologist Laura Corio, who told Medscape Medical News in an interview: “Clearly, one of the worst problems is if they are having problems with the sex if it is painful, you don’t want to do it.”

StrategyOne, an organization of independent market research with headquarters in London, has conducted the survey between December 2011 and February 2012. In a survey, funded by Novo Nordisk, has been examined the effect of emotional and physical atrophy vaginal on 2.013 men and women, married or cohabiting in the United States and Canada.

to be eligible For the survey, women had to have a età between 55-65 years of age, have  stopped having menstruation for 12 months or more, and have the symptoms associated with atrophy of the vaginal.

The results showed that the discomfort of vaginal caused in 58% of the women escape from the sex, with almost two-thirds (64%) that have reported a loss of libido. Also the self-esteem has been affected, in fact, a third of women claimed to feel more attractive and lost confidence in themselves as a sexual partner.

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The majority of men (78%) has made a connection between discomfort and the loss of intimacyà with their partner, and 30% reported a total cessation of the activitiesà sexual.

“There are many estrogen vaginal local that we can use,” explains dr. Corio, which is not involved in the study – they  help to decrease the dryness of the vagina and help with sex.”

“One important thing to remember is that if you feel you can have activitiesà sexual, will beà only you feel better make sex. Foul or lose,” added the specialist.


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1 July 2013