> China, to grow the new nose, the surgeon will choose the opposite

A nose that grows again and again on the forehead, this is the result obtained from the chinese doctors who care for Xiaolian, a 22 year-old boy is recovering from an accident.

Xiaolian in 2012 after the accident reported the fracture of the nose. Unfortunately, the infection that is followed has gradually worn down the cartilage.

When the problem is exacerbated to the health is remained that the solution to re-grow a new nose to replace the one that is now irreparably damaged.

Così, using the skin of the forehead, and the cells of cartilage taken from the ribs, the surgeons are able to achieve the regrowth of the nose on the forehead of the boy.

In short, what we learn from the description of the media, the new nose will be transplanted to the place of the old.

the One that arouses more curiosityà è the position chosen by the surgeon, that is; the front. In fact it is not an intervention, and pioneering, a similar operation has been carried out by University College London, but the new nose is grown on the arm of the patient.

In the case of the English patient, who underwent the amputation of the nose due to cancer, surgeons have used stem cell.


The new nose that grows again and again on the arm thanks to the stem

26 settembre 2013

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