> Announced the first vaccine against malaria, perhaps in 2015

malaria, you die, and not a little. Many, many people in the world are at risk of encountering this disease. Among the twenty trials that they are currently trying to develop a vaccine, now there is a pharmaceutical company that claims to be ready.

For the World Organisation of the Sanità (Who) are more than 3 billion people currently at risk of contracting the disease. Also, according to the data from 2010, the deaths from this disease in Africa have been well 660 thousand.

In the laboratories of the world there are approximately 20 experiments to find the remedy that contrasts definitively the spread of malaria.

But c’è a pharmaceutical manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline, who declared to be ready to support the verification of the scientists Who on the results of his experiments.

it will takeà of the time. It is millions of pages of dossier prepared by a group of forty specialists, that will be passed to the European Medical Agency. Sending which probably will beà the next year.

The pharmaceutical company is a work that started about 30 years ago and which has accelerated thanks to the agreements with the Path Malaria Vaccine Initiative, a non-profit organization, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Agreements, which allowed an injection of money amounting to approximately $ 200 million for the vaccine research that will haveà to pass the examination.

The GlaxoSmithKline has officially announced the vaccine in the course of a medical event that took place in Durban. On the same occasion, he presented data related to the experimentation performed in seven Countries and involved più of 15.500 children.

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The results relating to the tests carried out in Africa appear encouraging, but do not respond fully to the expectations of the researchers.

in Fact, at the distance of 18 months from the vaccination of children between 5 months and 17 months of life, the risk of contracting malaria è down 46%, while for children between six and twelve weeks of life, the decrease in risk is equal to 27 %.

However, he observed Sir Andrew Witty of GlaxoSmithKline, the results achieved “show that the number of new sick that you could prevent is impressive.”

in Short, on the part of the experts recommends great caution, also becauseé the data still do not meet the goal set by a consortium of international experts, to have by 2015 a vaccine that reach more than 50% of protection.

In the meantime, the indication is to prevent the development of disease with the traditional systems. By the use of pesticides, use of medicines for the prophylaxis and mosquito nets.


To beat malaria, sarà a mosquito killer

Malaria, experimented with a new vaccine.

October 2013