> Homeopathy, a growing phenomenon among Italian women

These are, in synthesis, the results of the survey, carried out by theNational Observatory of Women’s health (O. N. Da), which involved a sample of 1000 women with età between 25 and 54 years of age.

The 72% of the sample used on at least one occasion a homeopathic product, the più of metà (57%) reported a positive experience.

The first approach to homeopathy è occurred in 43% of cases, on the recommendation of the doctor, in 32% of the pharmacist, in 26% on the advice of a friend.

Less than a fifth of the women are believed to be sufficiently informed on the subject, to 37% in the absence of the leaflet in the package is a problem for a più agile use.

For 65% of the sample, the recognition of the homeopathic medicine is still too low.

The fact is that the confidence of women in the against the homeopathy is a growing phenomenon. In general, the appeal is strongest for diseases of the flu or a cold.

But to Francesca Merzagora, president, O. N., “The integration between homeopathy and allopathy is strengthening in various areas including oncology, where homeopathic products are used as support in mitigating the side effects of treatment for cancer”.

On the effectiveness of homeopathy are often heated debates, it is reality; a controversy never died down.

The critics of this alternative medicine argue, that its effectiveness is not è never been proven by studies or scientific experiments. Indeed, the research carried out according to the strict principles of medical science (EBM Evidence based medicine) would have proved ineffective.

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Theprinciple of similarity of the drug“, formulated at the end of the EIGHTEENTH century by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann, is considered devoid of scientific basis.

In fact, according to the communityà scientific, there are no publications authoritative that prove the effectiveness of homeopathy for any type of pathology. The only effect attributed is that of the placebo.

For the World Organisation of the Sanità (the Who)

homeopathy is a cure.


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30 October 2013