> Aids tested on monkeys antibodies to Hiv neutralize the virus

Aids, interesting news, that it’s a cocktail composed of robust anti-Hiv antibodies that were obtained in monkeys the effect of neutralizing the virus.

novità è was published in the magazine Nature and this is the data obtained with the two studies completed by Dan Barouch of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

The interest for the study stems from the fact that the monoclonal antibodies were able not only to significantly lower the concentration of Hiv virus in the blood, and then his viral load, but they have reached the result in a few days.

According to the article, after a single infusion, in the space of 3-7 days, the viral load is significantly decreased to levels not traceable, also the virus associated with the cells is reduced in the lymph nodes, in the blood and in the stomach.

più the researchers found that the effect has a duration of several weeks. In fact, after the infusion of antibodies the immune system of the monkeys has increased its activitiesà producing results long-term.

According to the scientists, the efficacy demonstrated is the best of the current therapies based on antiretroviral agents.

The powerful antibodies used in the course of the tests on the monkeys were identified, and  isolates, in previous research, some patients that produce this type of antibody able to neutralize the virus.

The use of antiretroviral drugs, are currently a real turning point in the treatment of Hiv infection. In fact, è a post-exposure prophylaxis for the virus, which has the objective of reducing and limiting the replication of the virus, hold and then lower his viral load.

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What, so far, is learned in this long struggle against Aids is that no drug, is used alone, is able to contain viral replication. Then, also in the case of therapies with current antiretroviral drugs are used of cocktails or combination therapies with più drugs.

The powerful antibodies used on the monkeys Dan Barouch have been shown to have an action broad-spectrum, attacking the virus in its weak points.

The researchers have also identified such as antibodies, compared to traditional antiretroviral drugs, not only fail to eliminate the virus that is circulating in the blood, lowering così the viral load but they kill also the cells now infected.

Barouch explained that “our data demonstrate for the first time, that c’is a deep therapeutic efficacy of potent Hiv-specific monoclonal antibodies in rhesus monkeys chronically infected with a highly pathogenic immunodeficiency virus common to monkeys and men”.

in Short, good news.


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