> Hiv, discovered the system that makes invisible the virus

Found the weak point of the Hiv virus that causes Aids. It is a “cloak-molecular,” which makes it invisible to the immune system. The discovery opens the way to new therapeutic solutions.

The study has been published in Nature, and è was completed by the’équipe british University College London, funded by the Wellcome Trust, the Medical Research Council and by the National Institute for Health Research.

In the laboratory, the researchers were able to block the replication of the virus, thanks to the weak point identified.

The strategy of Hiv virus to enter human cells is to make themselves invisible to the immune system thanks to a species of mantle, which acts at the molecular level.

What scientists are able to do, of course, in the laboratory, is to eliminate this coverage by using an experimental drug.

once discovered, the virus has been attacked by the immune system that prevented replication in the body.

The Hiv acts in fact in a subtle manner, is able to enter the body and managed to not get noticed by our defenses. After the infection, in fact, remains hidden and waiting for time to replicate in order to act undisturbed.

What scientists have been able to do, is identify in the host cells, the two molecules are used by the virus to prevent its replication, the genetic the beginning before of the amount due.

Greg Towers, the coordinator of the study, explained that this feature of Hiv, cioè the abilityà to hide from the immune system, “is one of the reasons for which è così dangerous”. But the discovery of his weak point may be precisely the basis on which to make a lever to identify new treatments.

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In conducting these experiments, the researchers used an experimental drug, whose active principle is the ciclosporin, normally used in organ transplantation to avoid rejection.

Other research has demonstrated the capacity of cyclosporine to stop the replication of the Hiv virus, however, the side effects that occur on the immune system does not make it usable.

Therefore, scientists have had to change the medication in order to make it active only on the two molecules that make invisible the virus.

The researchers say that the clinical application is still far away, but that to understand the models of interaction of the virus with our defense system is one of the roads in più promising.


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7 novembre 2013