> Aspirin against cancer, reduce mortalityà

aspirin protects against cancer? It seems sì according to the data illustrated in the course of  the 30th Conference of the Società Italiana di Medicina generale (SIMG) held in Florence.

this Is the analysis, published in the scientific journal Lancet, performed on 8 studies, covering more than 23 thousand people.

The patients were treated with the medication to the doses used for the prevention of cardiovascular events. The data indicate that a reduction of mortality,à caused by the cancer of 34% after 5 years. A percentage that drops to 20% after 20 years.

there Are various scientific studies that suggest taking into consideration the potential beneficial effects resulting from the use of aspirin, even in areas different from those of cardiovascular diseases.

unlike what has been observed previously, in which the improvements of prognosis occurred mainly in patients suffering from colorectal cancer, the data più recent denote a situation in which the benefits also extends to other types of cancer, i.e. to adenocarcinomas in general.

Claudio Cricelli, president of SIMG, explained that “The needà of a period of latency before the protective effect of aspirin begins to flourish indicates a possible interference of the drug with the mechanisms of carcinogenesis”.

According to Cricelli, and according to the latest research, among the factors that may be considered in assessing the risk/benefit ratio of undertaking a preventive treatment for cardiovascular with low-dose aspirin “is necessary to include also the positive effects additional in terms of reduction of mortality,à for cancer, in addition to the reduction in the incidence of metastases”.

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23 November 2013