> Fertilityà: the NSAIDS reduce ovulation and fertilityà in young women

“I Say this thing very late becauseé many others have tried to say it: FANS that are widely used and can be purchased without a prescription prevent the maturation of the ovarian follicle, causing the non-release of the ovum in women who are taking”, explained Sami Salman, of the Università of Baghdad.

if the “this process is reversible, a woman does not become pregnant if you continue to take NSAIDS, and doctors should advise women to stop taking these drugs, if they want to be fertile,” said the expert to the Medscape Medical News.

dr. Salman presented the results of the study of the European League Against Rheumatism Congress 2015.

The researchers assessed the 39 women età fertile followed in a clinical rheumatologic in Baghdad becauseé suffering from back pain.

The women were assigned to one of four treatment regimens: diclofenac 100 mg/day, naproxen 500 mg twice a day, etoricoxib 90 mg/day, or placebo.

Before starting treatment, every woman has done an ultrasound to assess the diameter of the dominant follicle, the size of the ovary, and thick endometrial.

In the course of the research were also measured the levels of progesterone, that are lowered because of the FANS, sinceé è essential for ovulation and the implantation of a fertilized embryo.

The treatments were started the tenth day of a woman’s cycle in order to ensure that there was a follicle maturing, has clarified Salman.

After 10 consecutive days of treatment, the women were subjected to another ultrasound to assess the effect of the therapy.

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The dominant follicle is not; that broke out in 75% of the women in the group diclofenac, 25% in the group naproxen, 33% in the group etoricoxib, and 0% in the control group the placebo.

“For those taking diclofenac, ovulation has been reduced by an astonishing 93%, while for both naproxen and etoricoxib, ovulation has been reduced by approximately 75%,” clarified the scientist he added:”this is really a discovery shocking”.


  • After 10 days of continuous use of NSAIDS, there has been a significant decrease in the progesterone.
  • The assumption of the FANS had also had an effect on the dominant follicle.
  • the

  • persistent follicles were more common in the group with diclofenac than in the group of naproxen (12 vs 4).
  • The number of cysts is found to be similar in the diclofenac, naproxen groups, and etoricoxib (3 vs 5 vs 6).

“This means that in all treatment groups, approximately a third of patients, has developed a functional cyst due to the follicle is not broken,” said dr. Salman.

The researchers were able to convince about halfà of the women to return the following month for evaluation of ovulation.

After the interruption of the FANS, all women “have ovulated normally during the next cycle,” said the researcher. “This has convinced us that the effects of the anovulatory of the FANS are reversible”.

“However, these results highlight the harmful effects that NSAIDS can have on fertilityà, and may also open the door for research on the new emergency contraception with a security profile più favorable to the one currently in use,” he added.

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The potential adverse effects on the fertilityà of the FANS have been reported for many years.

The study is done by rheumatologists for a variety of reasons, said Philip Conaghan, of the Università di Leeds in the United Kingdom.

“In the first place, reminds us that we need to be informed about the side effects are not common of the drugs that we use often,” he explained in a written correspondence. “The potential adverse effects on the fertilityà of the FANS have been reported for many years.”

In the second place, dr. Conaghan has noted that, although the use of NSAIDS is in the range of età post-menopausal women, rheumatologists see a considerable number of women più young people, for whom the fertilityà è often a problem, with inflammatory diseases, and then use the FANS often.

Conaghan, he said to Medscape Medical News that “this work is a warning to consider the role and timing of NSAIDS in these patients.”

European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR) Congress 2015: Estratto OP0131, presentato 11 giugno 2015.


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