> The key to defeating cancer &is in the Dna of the elephants. The study

In research published in the journal Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), scientists from the Università Utah claim to have discovered the perché of the rareà of cancer among the elephants.

According to the researchers, the reason lies in the fact that the cells of the elephant have 38 different expressions of the protein TP53, which has been described as the guardian of the genome, referring to its role in the preservation of the stabilityà the cell through prevention of mutations.

In the human being there are only two expressions of TP53.

Between the elephants and the index of mortality,à cause of the cancer is less than 5%, while in the man is around 25%.

The report also says that elephants have a mechanism in più strong to kill the damaged cells that may become cancerous.

According to the researchers, the cells of an elephant isolated, the damaged ones and those pre-cancerous, are destroyed at twice the rate of what happens to healthy human cells.

In theory, given that an elephant is a hundred times more cells than there are in a human being, it would seem that the animal has 100 times the più probability; that a damaged cell to become cancerous.

is this forò what really happens.

Joshua robert aldrich and fritz lang, a medical oncologist from the pediatric at the Huntsman Cancer Institute at the Università of Utah, and School of Medicine, and director of the Primary Children’s Hospital, explained that” on the basis of reasoning is purely logical, the elephants should develop a huge amount; of tumors, and, in fact, should now be extinguished because of a risk così up to cancer”.

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The expert added that “we think that the multiple expression of TP53 has in nature the meaning of keeping the life of this species”.

further studies Will be needed to determine if the Tp53 protects the elephants from the cancer and to check the possibilityà that in a future that is still not the next, according to the researchers, these studies can be born with the capacity to produce new drugs to fight cancer in humans.


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