> The fight against cancer, Italian association of cancer research: on the road with the search

Watch the video on this page, and feel what she tells Alessia Ciarrocchi, a researcher, left for the United States with a scholarship. In New York he had the opportunityà to learn, to experience the way of abroad research. Now that wealth of knowledge back in the form of a project studying the molecular characteristics of metastatic tumors of the thyroid. In the future, chissà how many people will be saved thanks to the results of his research.

In this, the AIRC is really special. Are 50 years of age, the Association is committed to funding the più promising research projects with scholarships to young researchers. The donation program is continuous, and takes the name “Then a Trip with the Research“, enables researchers AIRC più promising to complete a training program of 5 years. In part abroad, at the international research institutes of excellence, but also in Italy where they can put the fruit of the knowledge acquired.


The important thing is that they will come back, explain the AIRC, in order to put at the disposal of our Country the experience gained abroad.

Are 85 researchers involved in the Program “Then Journey with the Quest in 2015. 17 of these are currently working abroad, 68 are back in Italy in the last 5 years thanks to the AIRC.

But the researchers alone may not be enough, research needs financial support. Enough small gestures to the food with this unique weapon, which willà to make the cancer more and more curable.

Watch the video and listen to the testimony of people who have been able to overcome the disease thanks to advances in been achieved in the fight against cancer. Screw that seemed to be firm and that are distributed. Now are the volunteers of the AIRC.

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To obtain these results, the AIRC needs supporters who choose to contribute donations on a regular basis. This is not an impossible choice, each può give according to your ability.

We are going towards Christmas, courage.. let us make us a gift in the più, which canò to make happy not only us or our loved ones, but also chissà how many people who see their life afresh thanks to the research and to your commitment.

November 26, 2015