> The seriousnessà of the symptoms of menopause is correlated with the activity; physical

A recent study shows that the women of middle age who do exercise less than three times a week, refer the symptoms of menopause more severe than those who train more often.

This finding seems even more significant for the obese women, say researchers in an article published online January 19 in the “Menopause“.

Juan E. Blümel, the doctor of the Università Santiago, Chile and his colleagues revised the data of the research group for climacteric in Latin America , and the records of the state of the health of 6000 women of età between 40 and 59 years of age, who went to the care clinics in 11 Latin American countries.

The participants in the study compiled a questionnaire with standard questions about their symptoms of menopause, including flushing, joint pain, state of mind, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. They answered questions on their level of activitiesà physics, indicating how many times a week were engaged in an activity; physical such as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming, at least for 30 minutes.

Among those who responded, 63.9% said they have a sedentary lifestyle (less than three times a week sessions of activitiesà physics) and, of these, 16.1% had symptoms of menopause more severe, as indicated by the rating scales of symptoms. In comparison, only 10.6% of their active counterpart, reported severe symptoms. The women are sedentary, also, had depressive symptoms, a lot of anxiety and more insomnia.

The number of obese women was significantly più high in women who were sedentary, 20.9%, in the group of those active, 14.3%, and their average circumference was più long.

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the authors Write “our results support the data that illuminate the positive impact of the activitiesà physical symptoms of menopause,” noting that the effect could be a result of the action of estrogen on the activityà physics on the brain.

Without wanting to offend the associations of the obese, the large proportion of obesityà abdominal in sedentary group, is particularly remarkable. “The increase in point life, is one of the significant data that are associated with a mortalityà più high,” explain the authors. The association between sedentary lifestyle and obesityà not only linked to the consumption of energy linked to activityà physics is missing, but the two of them, i.e.; obesityà, and the style of sedentary, add together with regard to the activitiesà of the brain.

Although these data demonstrate an association between the activity; and physical symptoms of menopause, the authors note that the crossover study “does not allow to conclude definitively whether the activitiesà physical reduce the symptoms of menopause, or are menopausal symptoms, to reduce the activity; physical in women suffering”

Fonte: Menopause. Published online January 19, 2016.


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