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with regard To dental implants materials più used today are titanium and ceramic materials, and first of all of the zirconium. These are precisely the two materials to contend for the fame of the best dental implant and are still today the più used in the plant system.

titanium dental Implants

The success of titanium implants was born in 1965, when a dentist Swedish for the first time you run an intervention of plants in titanium. Since then, the pure titanium and the alloys similar, such as the combination of titanium and aluminum, had become the più used in dental surgery as they offer a good standard of application and duration post-intervention.

The propertyà which allowed the titanium to become così widespread in this sector are numerous: is very light, has a very high melting point, does not show thermal expansion, has an exceptional mechanical resistance and is extremely resistant to corrosion.

However, research that have chased over the years, have found that in the long period of the agents macrophages crate, the particles of titanium which are in contact with the body in some areas of the body such as bones and lungs.

The data available, however, are not able to ascertain with absolute certainty whether there are and what are the damages that fall on the health of the patients. On the contrary, they are in opposition to each other.

This situation is indeterminate, has forò encouraged once again to study new materials that could be used for the installation of dental implants, giving new life to research in this field.

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dental Implants in ceramic materials: zirconium

Among the ceramic materials in dentistry, are much used, as far as the plant engineering, dental, few of them have proved to be the qualitative height of the titanium, which then is remained and is still today the material più popular in the dental surgery. Among them, only the zirconia presents propertiesà compatible with applications in dental implants.

These characteristics are: their excellent performance at the aesthetic level, the color similar to the natural white of the teeth, fracture resistance, and compatibilityà with the new techniques to use in the field of surgery in dentistry, although clinical studies carried out in this area are still small.


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5 march 2017