> Diabete, screening al supermercato

the awareness campaign, are you a type 2?, scheduled Fridayì and Saturday, 15 points of sale COOP, sponsored by the Società italiana di medicina generale (SIMG) with the support of Takeda, and GlaxoSmithKline. The initiative, sponsored by the ministry of Labour, health and social policies provides that at the entrance of hypermarkets is deployed to the test: filling the participants will be able to find out if their profile matches or does not match to that of someone who is at risk of diabetes type 2.

In the corner of the COOP Health hypermarkets sarà then to available other information material about the disease but, above all, there will be doctors of the SIMG, that will provide further details and advice on correct life-styles to adopt.

If the test will emerge conditions of risk, the doctors will advise customers to book a screening free of charge, to be carried out with the help of a professional nurse is always in the corner of the COOP Health the morning of Mondayì June 30 to Thursday; July 3. Screening understandà the pressure measurement, blood glucose testing, weight measurement and body mass index.

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Page published on June 26, 2008

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