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“An online collection of video ultrasound, with the description of a single clinical case on the part of the doctor who performed the exam, which her colleagues can access in a way that is totally free of charge”. 

To illustrate the features of the portal www.ecomovies.it è Vincenzo Coluccia, ceo of Dimamovies, the companyà of the group, DS Medigroup, on the eve of the XXI national Congress Siumb (Società italiana ultrasound in medicine and biology), on Saturday in the Capital.

“The portal aims to be a free window, shareable and free of charge on the diagnostic ultrasound, in which it is possible to find teaching material for the first time and compare their professional experiences,” says Coluccia.

In less than two years were collected in the 2000 video contributions, “that make Ecomovies a tool of teaching and sharing of clinical cases by specialists in videoimaging.

Over all is the first time that entire video ultrasound are published online: generally, there were only a few images”. In the time they have been covered all areas, from the urinary tract to the bile ducts.

“it is easy to find thereò you search and review the contribution chosen, by reading the details of the clinical case and the description drawn up by the specialist. All in the complete privacy of the patients.” But as you canò give its contribution to the special library for white coats? “Simply register and you will receiveà a kit with software and instructions to make anonymous your own video, describe the case and the type of equipment used,” explains Coluccia.

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The idea does not end here: “We are experimenting with the possibilityà of a ‘training synchronous’: the scanner, in this case, the send with 7 seconds of delay, the image of usò that the doctor you are seeing to a central receiver. This willà to attend almost live, the specialist while performing an ultrasound,” concludes Coluccia, recalling that recently Ecomovies has obtained the patronage of the Siumb.

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the Page was published on 14 November 2009