> Amsi, in Calabria pour la normalità

To launch the Association of doctors of foreign origin in Italy (Amsi), which expresses concern for usò that is happening in the region Calabria, Rosarno, and stresses “the importance of focusing on immigration, programmed, and qualified, and the right to regular work for all”. 

The Amsi also pointed to the needà to focus on a “package integration” for the sanità, as with all other issues that relate to immigration. For the president of the association, Foad Aodi, it is necessary to develop a project shared by the communityà of foreign citizens and Italian associations and foreign origin engaged in the world of immigration.

this invites all those who want to work together to send via email (This email address is being protected from spambots. Is must enable JavaScript to see it.) proposals concerning the various topics of immigration, not only health-care: integration, citizenship, international cooperation, sanità, school, università, work, rights and responsibilities , communication, inter-religious dialogue, medicine, and religion, and legislation. 

Some proposals were già made by Amsi in these years to the institutions.

Here are a few ideas:
1) the Reduction to 5 years for the request of Italian citizenship and the granting of the vote in local elections to immigrants;
2) the Right to health and to the study for all;
3) the Right to participate in the competitions without Italian citizenship for those who work 5 years in Italy;
4) Right to regular work;
5) Census of the needs of health workers in the Italian health service;
6) Insertion of the act of circumcision as the performance in the Ssn;
7) communication Campaigns and information on the access of foreigners to the Ssn;
8) the Teaching of language, culture and Italian legislation;
9) the Teaching of the history of religions;
10) to Intensify the campaigns of the cultural knowledge to defeat the prejudices and the fear of the different, through tv and newspapers;
11) To intensify the international cooperation and exchange of socio-health with Italy and our Countries of origin; 12) to Intensify the bilateral agreements with the countries of origin in immigration law.

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the Page was published on January 11, 2010