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Save the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Villa Salus

In view of the opening of the new Mestre hospital, we learn from the newspapers the citizens that the Health Company no.12 required the closing of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Hospital Villa Salus and the integration of the staff of such a facility in the new hospital in Mestre.  È established for over twenty years, in the venetian territory the freedom; to choose how to give birth, including the possibilityà, for the women who wish to have a natural birth, and thereò, Villa Salus è always been possible.

In this structure there is a’équipe avant-garde at the national level in the accompaniment to the natural birth; in his department of obstetrics, ensures full freedom; of movement during labor, rooming-in, the labor and birth in the water.

Èéquipe with high professionalismà, gained in long years of experience, study, reflection, collective that, in fact, you è demonstrated to be available to the construction for a hospital to measure mothers and children.  Officially today you è outlined any move request, né of the merging of the two departments of Villa Salus and Mestre.

The women and the operators of the cityà you have engaged in the last two decades for a new culture of birth ask to be able to know the projects under implementation.

we Believe it is important that the choices that will be made does not disregard the reality of 1300 women each year consciously choose a natural birth is not medicalized.

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È to defend these conquests, and possibly to help with proposals and projects to the future planning of the hospital in the obstetric field, that is, a OBSERVATORY CITIZEN able to act as interlocutor vis-à-vis political and institutional partners who will have to make choices in the future.

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