The antiáacids cause allergies


One out of every ten adults consume com&number;usually antiáacids when you have problems of est’magician. And, however, is a prápractice that carries risks. Así it demonstrates -once más – the research’re led by médico austrian Erik Jensen-Jarolim -professor of the University Hospital of Vienna – both with mice as with a group of 153 volunteers.
It turns out that when the mice were given food of great potential alergénico –for example, proteínas hazelnut – there was no reaction’re. However, after receiving a proton pump inhibitor -a powerful antiácido group of fármacos antisecretores – s’ reacted to it. That sí, s’to the new proteínas injection -hazelnuts – and not to other foods in your daily diet.
As is known, to make the digesti’n the agency releases a series of áacids and several enzymes, including pepsin, in charge of degrading the proteínas. And when ésta is present the levels of ácido are high. Well, some antiáacids prevent secrete enough áacids which neutralize the pH in the est’magician and makes it difficult for the pepsin to do its function’re. Obviously, it hinders the digesti’n of the proteínas and it is that fact which causes the reaction’nérgica. That is to say, after the ingestion of the antiácido the proteínas of the foods that the body assimilated without problems converted from that moment on substances at theérgenas. And the same happens apparently with the receptor antagonists of H-2, the other medications that más sold in pharmacies.
Now, apparently that happens especially with foods that are consumed way not usual since the body always has a greater tolerance with those who are consumed frequently. Something that has led researchers to recommend that, to avoid the reactions at theérgicas, do not take food ex’ticos or infrequent if one is going to take antiáacids.
A stupidity, a&bath;adiremos us. Although the laboratories to be bothered with, the reader should know that the best antiácido is the water. If you have heartburn eat slowly two large glasses of water, the más pure better. And if you need it, repeat with the other más forward. Normally it is effective, has no negative side effect whatsoever and are más cheap. Pruébelo pr’maximum. 

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