> Labor and delivery, symptoms before labor

Labor and delivery. Symptoms before labor

Già in the weeks leading up to labor can manifest some of the symptoms that herald the phases of the labor real, such as contractions, intermittent or irregular.

The contractions are of the indurations seen as an internal compression of the belly that può also be associated with a painful sensation at the bottom of the pubis or in the lumbar area (back at the height of the kidneys).

May occur in the course of the day or evening can sometimes be painful, but at this stage does not increase, rather diminish and disappear in a short time.

Perdita del tappo mucoso

The mucous plug is a jelly, transparent, pink, or brown, that form at the beginning of pregnancy to the inside of the neck of the uterus, in order to protect the child from external environment. At the end of pregnancy, contractions that act on the neck of the uterus may allow the release of the mucus plug.

The loss of the mucous plug is not; a sign of labor and delivery is imminent.

Può in fact occur even a few weeks prior to the beginning of labor.

Mal di schiena

a back pain, which recalls the menstrual pain and is due to small contractions that are not always perceived; può last for a few hours, or remain as a presence in the deaf in the course of the day.

vaginal discharge liquid and transparent

Are due to the hormonal changes, which prepares the labor; can be mistaken for amniotic fluid, but, unlike the latter, are not continuous. it is good to remember that:

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  • not all women require analgesia in labour; the women who believe they should manage the pain of childbirth using non-pharmacological techniques must be supported in their choice;
  • the request nursery is a reason sufficient to provide analgesia in labor;
  • the

  • women should be informed of the risks and benefits associated with the different modesà pain control offered in the Birth considered: choose your Birth, ask for an interview and see if it matches what you are looking for.

Remember that the Lazio Region has a law for giving birth at home, reimbursed by the ASL – ordinary Supplement n. 97 in the “Official gazette” no. 18 of the may 14, 2011 – and, at the ASL RMD, in the garden of the Hospital G. B. Grassi, c’è Acqualuce, Home maternityà for the birth in the water, 06/56482412 2414.

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