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Have another birth within 18 months from previous cesarean section appears to increase the risk of an eventual rupture of the uterus, but is not an absolute contraindication. In general leave between pregnancies occur at least 18-24 months and recommended for the health of a woman.

You know that induction of labor involves an increased risk of 15 times of rupture of the uterus. That said, there are no particular contraindications, regardless of the reason that led you to make the first caesarean section, unless there was a medical condition that is indisputable that is still present.

For example, who has had to resort to the caesarean section for placenta previa will haveà appeal again to the operation if the condition of the placenta, opposite to the mouth of the womb were to recur.

Many women feel to say that since they did the caesarean section, becauseé not dilatavano will never be able to give birth to: it’s not true, many of the difficultiesà in labor are given by the environment ambulance in place of the labor.

For others, it is said that they make children that are too big, and that the first there is the past there-passerà of course, the other: this is not true since many women have done VBAC with children are much moreù large earlier born by caesarean section, for “disproportion feto-pelvic”.

Not necessarily the conditions which led to the first caesarean section will reoccur. Not always the first caesarean section was carried out for essential reasons, or was indispensable.

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What può figures

We have seen how the statistics of retrospective studies confirm, as the discomfort and possible complications for the mother and the child to be significantly higher for those undergoing caesarean section, repeated as compared to those who choose VBAC, given that he has led a number of institutions at the international level to advise not to submit women già cesarizzate to a new section.

Each of the 300 cases of labor after cesarean può happen a rupture of the uterus, which in some cases (not really quantifiable) può lead to serious consequences such as: hysterectomy, blood transfusions, brain damage, and death of the child. Such consequences are also possible in the course of a caesarean section repeated.

however, There are signals that alert you to a possible rupture of the uterus, and that can allow you to make a TC urgent in the span of 15-20 minutes in order to minimize the consequences. For this può be very useful to check the heart rate of the child with the monitoring cardiotocographic (CTG) continuously during the active phase of labor.

Even with the CTG, continuous, and’ a certain degree of freedom; of movement in labor. If the care is provided by a midwife dedicated (one to one) può to ask that the beating be auscultato intermittently, purché frequently. In fact, decelerations, important of the foetal heartbeat (BCF) can signal in advance a possible rupture of the uterus. the

E adesso?


  • If you choose to do a VBAC, you may have difficultyà to find out who you support, please contact us and we will try to help you.
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  • If you need further clarification, please contact us and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.
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  • Even if you have alreadyà booked a caesarean section, you may change your mind at any time.
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Also if you ever need to repeat a caesarean section during the test of labor, just know that there are some positive aspects to consider:


  • for your baby labor means putting ourselves in the best condition to face life outside of the uterus.
  • the

  • for many women have troubled it helps to know you have done everything they could to get the best for themselves and for the child. If you do not try you lose for sure.

Ivana Arena

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