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How to get

The request of the check può also be made online Extract from the decree-law of 30 September 2003, no. 269 Article 21. (Allowance for every second child and increase of the national Fund for social policies)

1. For each child born from the 1° in December 2003 and until December 31, 2004, the second or further order of birth, and, in any case, for each child adopted in the same period, women resident, Italian citizens or eu, is granted an allowance equal to euro 1,000.

2. For the purposes referred to in paragraph 1 is established, in the context of the INPS, a special management with a total budget of euro 308 million.

3. The allowance is granted by the municipalities. The municipalities shall inform the interested parties inviting them to certify the possession of the requirements at the time of registration in the register of the new born.

4. The cheque, without prejudice to the title toà on the heads of the municipalities, is paid by the INPS on the basis of the data provided by the municipalities themselves, according to the modeà to define the scope of the decrees referred to in paragraph 5.

5. With one or moreù the decrees of nature non-regulatory of the Minister of labour and social policies, in concert with the Minister of economy and finance, issued the necessary provisions for the implementation of this article.

6. For the financing of policies in favour of families, the national Fund for social policies referred to in article 59, paragraph 44, of the law 27 December 1997, no. 449, and successive modifications, è increased by 232 million euro for the year 2004.

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7. For the purposes of this article, is authorized the expenditure of 287 million of euro for the year 2003 and of € 253 million for the year 2004. The costs shall be covered through a corresponding reduction in appropriations, for the purposes of the three-year budget 2003-2005, in the context of the unità forecast basic current account “special Fund” of the State budget of the Ministry of economy and finance for the year 2003, with the aim to partially using the provision for the Ministry of labour and social policy.

September 2003