> Cesarean delivery protects the premature and small-for età

  doctors have so far recommended the caesarean section for babies or that show a reduction in intrauterine growth, becauseé this was deemed to be most protective against vaginal delivery in infants considered high risk.

However, a new study of infants small for the età showed that the caesarean section did not reduce complications, and, in fact, has also resulted in an increase in the risk of respiratory distress.

“I suspected that there was some type of benefit in each type of delivery, but I was surprised not to find the benefits of cesarean delivery, but a benefit in the spontaneous delivery in terms of decreased frequency of respiratory distress,” said Erika F. Werner, of the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Werner and colleagues evaluated data from births, not twins, of New York, in the parties from 25 to 34 weeks of gestation, from 1995 to 2003. Of 2.560 infants, 46% is came to the light with a vaginal delivery, and 54% with caesarean section.

“The caesarean section has not resulted in a decrease of complications, which are considered the risks of vaginal birth,” explained Werner. These include intraventricular hemorrhage, hemorrhage subdural, convulsions and sepsis.

Previous studies suggested that it was più bleeding intraventricolari in premature infants born via the vagina, especially when they were very small, less than 750g.

a Few studies had reported an association between the  delivery via the vagina and an increase in the neonatal death, from which it was supposed to be protective of the cutting cesaro, but in this study we have not found any benefit”. Says Werner

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in Fact, the rate of respiratory distress is the state of 30% più high in children born from caesarean section from spontaneous delivery. The rate is remained high even when considering other risk factors such as età of the mother, ethnicity, school level, the weight of the pre-gravidarum, diabetes,  hypertension, and età gestation at time of birth.

Those born by caesarean section had a value of apgar 5 and 7, not c’è was no difference after adjusting for confounding factors.

Also, the ditress respiratory associated with the caesarean section is associated with the risk of further cesareans in the future.

doctors do not consider to attempt a first birth vaginally encourage more cesareans in the future.

by Lisa Canitano

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February 19, 2012