> Caesarean section to perform the sterilization of the tubes? Reply no, let us help you

Living in Lazio? have you had enough children? you’re big enough? you have a disease that does not recommend that you do of the children of the everything, or that you do others? Would you tie the tube to not having to fight with contraception?

have You talked to a gynecologist who told you “you see, is forbidden, you can notò, but I, just becauseé è you, just becauseé I understand that now, becauseé we know each other for so many years, I realize the situation,I’d like to do the sterilization of the tubes. Unfortunately, as I told you is forbidden, you can notò, and then, instead of spontaneous delivery do a caesarean, I briskly briskly the lego the tube, no one seems to notice no one in the operating room, not the we write, and we are delighted to everyone.”

You can recognize? You were ready to make the birth of your spontaneous, to get back on feet immediately, and pick up your child without problems? Only this child was planned… the pill makes you come headache, spiral and have expelled him the condom does not want to put in, and then… in fact, you è broken just nine months ago.

You another child do not want it. You have explained that with the problem that you have (whatever) another son it would be a tragedy. Or you do want it. You do want it. There ripenserai, this is safe. You’re great, or are you sick, or children you have a number (whatever it is) that for you is enough, now and for ever.

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Then you talk about it with your gynecologist. You can say that you want to execute a sterilization of the tubes. And he, as we have seen above, offers its co-operation, provided that you do a cesarean with him. In a clinic or hospital, is the same, if &is in the hospital does not ask for money for you, we would not have another one..(a friend!).

is Not to blame, poor fellow, is prohibited, vietatissimo.  But really ? the No, No, No… not the news is true.

Not only is not prohibited, but is also refunded by the National Health Service, or Regional that you call it. In DRG, which is the abbreviation of the list of benefits that you can make and put into the account in to the System.

“Since 1995, l’introduction of the system, DRG, è recognized by the National Health Service, l’appropriattezza of admissions, both in the ordinary regime of day surgery, female sterilization, and is established for the economic development of the related reimbursement (DRG 362 with code as the primary diagnosis V252; procedures 5421 if laparoscopic or 6812 if via isteroscopica and 6629 occlusion, endoscopic tubal)

Not only, then,  not è no, but è was considered legitimate by the Court of Cassation.

1987 – the V Criminal Section of the Supreme Court of Cassation (judgment no. 438, n.15258/85 General ledger) says that’s repeal of the’art.552 criminal code with the law 194, decriminalizes the acts intended to cause inabilityà to procreate, and therefore is not justified l’use of the standard più general contained in the’art.583 (referring to the mutilation of the body) of the penal code to condemn the voluntary sterilisation

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1987 – the V Criminal Section of the Supreme Court of Cassation (judgment no. 438, n.15258/85 General ledger) establishes that l’art.5 (prohibiting acts on the body that could cause a permanent decrease of the’integrityà physics of the Civil Code could not be waived because of the new interpretation of the articles of the Italian Constitution relating to the fundamental rights of individuals.

in Fact, l’art.5 cc and l’art.32 of the Constitution (the health as a fundamental right of the’individual) must be interpreted together, and the concept of integrityà physics is different from that of health, being the second più important than the first.”

Therefore, is the legal result in a reduction in dell’integrityà physics of a person in order to protect the health and physical and psychological, in particular when this is done with the consent of the’s concerned.

In this judgment, the Court unequivocally advocates the liceità dell’s intervention sterilization purché is subordinate to the higher età, the abilityà of giving valid consent, and the fact that the person to be all’s intervention is, at least in the premises, and will likely benefit, and hoped for an urgent intervention of the legislator to regulate l’entire matter.

Then? then nothing, you will not to do the caesarean section, partorisci in the serenityà and your child, and then go out by Lazio to tie the tube. Or stop taking that pill you dà discomfort, remove the spiral, and to free the years that you separate the menopause from the obligation of contraception. If you want to, of course.

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We got in touch with the Dr Massimo Srebot, in the Region of Tuscany, the Hospital of Pontedera and Volterra, and Dr. Antonio Belpiede dell‘Hospital of Barletta.

We are planning also to other hospitals, we spoke with the doctors in Umbria, and probably you willà also lì.

In these two hospitals are run only for laparoscopic, but there is also a system for via isteroscopica, outpatient, practiced in many Hospitals in Italy. Not to have the phenomenon of migration to get a health-care provision is very dear that your Region does not offer, ask if it is possible to buy the microinserti and then go to these hospitals to get them to insert.

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caesarean section to perform the sterilization of the tubes? Reply no, let us help you

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15 November 2014