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what follows is a small collection of writings which we have published on the caesarian section. According to the Who, a rate of caesarean appropriate is; 15%.

Many believe instead that between 20 and 25% is the maximum safety. In every case much below the rate the Italian 34%, with regional peaks of 60%.

we Believe that one of the più important experiences of a woman should not be medicalized in a way that is excessive, unnecessary and sometimes dangerous for the woman.

Read and find out, and if you have any doubts, please write us.

caesarean section: if they are too many and Balduzzi sends the Nas, but are they used for?

The minister of Health, renato Balduzzi has ordered checks of the NAS to determine whether the use of caesarean section in Italy is appropriate. The decision part by a report of the Agenas (national Agency for regional health services) who claims that in some regions the frequency of cesarean delivery è così high  to think that there is a use opportunistic…

cesarean delivery protects the premature and small-for età

Contrary to what you think the section is not; più safe vaginal delivery for preterm infants or small for the età. A new study of infants small for the età showed that the caesarean section did not reduce complications, and, in fact, has also resulted in an increase in the risk of respiratory distress…

caesarean section, clich├ęs and realityà

caesarean section, we treat many common places reported in the newspapers, in forums, in a recent hearing of experts in the Parliament, ‘to be Born safe”…

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the Who, caesarean section triples the risk for mothers

the Who, caesarean section triples risk for mothers giving Birth by caesarean section in spite of the pain? Better to arm oneself with healthy, courage, and facing labor pains, labor and natural childbirth. At least that indicate the section is not the same physician, in the light of the clinical history of the patient…

Pregnancy, after caesarean section risk natimortalità

of The pregnancies that occur as a result of a previous pregnancy terminated with a caesarean section have an increased risk of natimortalità…

The section a needà to many of the 40s

have Recourse to caesarean section in 60 percent of cases, but not for a free choice, but by the laying on of the physician. The forty-year-olds pregnant are often forced to birth the surgical real needà, in order to avoid thisè the risk of complications related to età…

another caesarean…? No thanks! LaVBAC

Currently, in many areas of Italy, the vast majority of women who have undergone a caesarean section is seen to propose and often impose the operation for all subsequent pregnancies…

Thereò goes against document of the World Organization of the Sanità (the WHO), which già in 1985 it recommended to let a woman già cesarizzata could try the vaginal birth after caesarean section (VBAC, Vaginal Birth After Cesarean)…

Parto naturale con laVBAC: dove?

Do the labor at your home with the assistance of a team of experienced midwives può you are able to travagliare in the best of conditions, and to lower the risk further relative to the previous caesarean section, in addition to greatly increase your ability to do it, but you have to remember that in the eventualità of the urgency will not beà possible to, probably, resorting to caesarean section urgent in the span of 15-20 minutes as required in the case of a rupture of the uterus…

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caesarean section and VBAC: complications in comparison

We noticed, as in the comparison between caesarean section and repeated VBAC outcomes is maternal that fetal are much better in the second case. If a labor after cesarean results in a caesarean urgently for suspected rupture of the uterus, increases the possibilityà of complications, both maternal that fetal…

Information for the birth the pregnant woman with previous Caesarean section

The “Labour test” for women who have alreadyà had a caesarean section. Here is the consent to the Vbac of the UOC of obstetrics and gynecology ofChrist the King Hospital in Rome.Read all the advantages and disadvantages..

caesarean section to perform the sterilization of the tubes? Reply no, let us help you

Live in Lazio? have you had enough children? you’re big enough? you have a disease that does not recommend that you do of the children of the everything, or that you do others? Would you tie the tube to not having to fight with contraception?

Not to give birth before 39 weeks, read because it;

natural Childbirth after a c-section, how to decide

chew the gum after a caesarean section?



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