> Chew gum after a caesarean?

it has been shown that chewing gum can help the intestines recover in function after different types of surgical operations. And after a caesarean section? Not è a fish of April, the Library of the Cochrane publishes the results of a meta-analysis in this regard

“Between the 15% and over 50% of women, depending on the country, today give birth with a caesarean section. After this surgery is common for the intestines “stop work” on the più hours or days, a fact that is unpleasant,” says Edna Pereira Gomas Morais together with the brazilian researchers who are interested in this topic.

revision Cochrane has tried to establish if it was the same with a caesarean. “The use of chewing gum in the 24 hours following the operation is a simple and cheap”, the researchers explained.

To perform the meta-analysis by Cochrane, were included all the randomized trials published up to June 2016 on this topic.

were selected in all 17 studies that linked the cases of 3.149 women who had had a caesarean section. In this study a group of women had chewed chewing gum and a second group had received the classical treatments. The research has been completed in nine countries.

The cases taken into consideration included all types of caesarean: caesarean section elective scheduled, cesarean section, emergency cesarean section on primiparous, cesarean repeated.

in Addition, the modeà of the assumption of the chewing gum was different:immediately after the intervention in some trials, and after 12 hours in the other.

The authors point out that the administration is not è occurred in the double-blind, for obvious reasons, and this is a bias, that is; an error.

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recovery più fast of the intestinal transit without significant side effects

The meta-analysis of the data shows that “women who chewed chewing gum after a caesarean section, there was a recovery in più fast of the intestinal functions”.

the average intestinal gas shooting out 7 hours before. “This effect has been constant, whether it was a first caesarean or other intervention, any time the woman had spent chewing per day, whether the women had eaten quickly or they remain fasting until the resumption of the functions, after a caesarean, elective or emergency, and any time had elapsed between the caesarean and the assumption of the chewing gum”,emphasize the researchers, however, point out that “the qualityà the evidence for this evaluation was very bad.”

From this analysis is that the women who had chewed the gum, they were two times less likely to have the symptoms of paralytic ileus (a combination of symptoms such as a feeling of swollen abdomen, cramps, nausea, vomiting, and inabilityà to empty the bowel), with respect to the other (four studies with 1139 women, but with data of poor qualityà).

Finally, the assumption of chewing gum that has reduced the time elapsed before the first defecation time (the time of hospitalization of approximately 8 hours).

In terms of tolerance, three women on 925 have complained about the fact of having to chew the gum, and not è been reported no side effect. No study has evaluated the satisfaction of the women in the face of chewing gum.

To the researchers, the results of the meta-analysis suggest that the intake of chewing gum in the 24 hours following a caesarean section is a surgery, well-tolerated, simple and inexpensive, easy to encourage the resumption of early bowel function, improve the comfort after delivery and potentially reduce the costs of hospitalization.

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They add toò that the qualityà overall data is insufficient and that need additional research to determine the best dosage of chewing gum (when to start, number of tires, a time to be advise on the day) to improve the recovery of intestinal function, and to assess potential side-effects, and the satisfaction of women facing this decision.

Riferimenti: Cochrane Library. Pereira Gomas Morais E. et coll Chewing gum for enhancing early recovery of bowel function after caesarean section (ottobre 2016)


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