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To all the women who give birth in a facility must be guaranteed with respect of their values and their culture.

Theinduction of labor should be reserved only for specific medical indications and in no geographic region should have a rate in excess of 10% there is no justification in any geographical region to be più of the 10-15% of cesareans.

Non c’è no proof that after a previous caesarean section is required a further caesarean for the next pregnancy. Vaginal deliveries after cesarean should be encouraged

Non c’è no indication for shaving pubic and for the enema before giving birth.

The rupture artificial membranes, made of routines, it has no scientific justification , and, if required, it is recommended only in an advanced stage of labor.

During labor, you should avoid administering routine medications, if not for specific cases.

The electronic monitoring of the fetal, made up of routine, must be performed only in medical situations especially selected, and in the labor was induced.

it Is recommended not to put the woman in the supine position during the labor and delivery: it has to encourage her instead to walk during labor and to freely choose the position for her più suitable to the delivery, The systematic use of episiotomy is not; to justify.

The newborn infant in health should remain with the mother every time that the conditions of the two permit. No process of observation of the health of the newborn justifies a separation from the mother.

You must promoting immediately the beginning of breast-feeding, even before leaving the delivery room.

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breastfeeding is the normal feeding and the ideal of the infant and child development biological bases and effects are unmatched.

In pregnancy, it is recommended that a systematic education about breastfeeding, sinceé, through education and adequate support, all of the women are able to breastfeed your baby at the breast. You should encourage mothers to keep the child close to them, and to offer him the breast every time the baby requires it.

it Is recommended to extend the più possible breastfeeding and avoid the completion of additions. A mother in good health and not in need of any supplement up to 4-6 months of a child’s life

Extracted from the document of may 1985, APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY FOR BIRTH” of the O. M. S

The recommendations are based on the principle that every woman has the right to receive the prenatal care that is appropriate and that the woman must play a central role in all aspects of this care, including participation in planning, in taking forward and evaluating the care; and, social factors, emotional and psychological, are extremely important for appropriate assistance. Birth is a natural phenomenon and normal. 

prenatal diagnosis

The advice preconcezionale

to give Birth with or without epidural?

Not to give birth before 39 weeks, read because it;



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