> Birth preparation courses. Where, how and how much they cost.

To childbirth preparation course, we mean that moment of encounter between the future mother (to 6°, 8° month of pregnancy) and a group of skilled health professionals (obstetrician, paediatrician, midwife, social worker, health worker, psychologist).

This series of meetings that may take place in the context of the hospitals, consultants, the private clinics have the following purposes:


  • the Prepare the expectant mother to deal in a more conscious and peaceful labor and delivery;
  • the

  • the Inform women on the modifications of one’s own body produced by pregnancy, as it develops and grows the fetus.

The courses are divided: a theoretical part (anatomy and physiology of the woman, of pregnancy, of the newborn, the legal rules of the gestation, practical advice on how to take care of the baby, contraceptive methods for use after delivery, etc.) and as a practical part of the easy exercises that are used to produce muscle relaxation.

In some stages of the course of preparation it is hoped the presence of the future papà. A coach (trainer) insegnerà pregnant women, meeting after meeting, how to relax all the muscles of the body (autogenic training) and how to perform a particular breathing, which is very useful during labor to oxygenate well the fetus. the

do Not need special skills, mental or physical, to access these activitiesà né special equipment, but " it just so much good will; and a tracksuit; must haveà, in fact, run with great regularityà the lessons and take-home exercises and workouts that the trainer, from time to time assignà to get the delivery in perfect shape.

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What are the results? Statistics show unequivocally a labor più short, a decrease of parts of the “difficult” and a reduction in the number of caesarean sections. In conclusion, it willà to start to think in a new birth, where the couple and the newborn, become the real protagonists of the event birth.

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