> Natural childbirth, you canò give birth naturally at home?

are Now more than 10 years, the midwives of the association the Life of the Woman, assisting the parties in the house. The question I get asked more frequently is: “Perché some people choose to give birth at home? But is it safe?”


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The home birth is safe.

According to the World Organization of the Sanità the più safe childbirth is the one who chooses the woman, the one in which you feel moreù at ease”, even at home, if they want to.

it is important that the partner who is actively involved, and that the choice is shared. The reasons for a couple (it is important that the partner who is actively involved) to choose this path are numerous. the


At home, we must not make compromises with the protocols that the hospital and the only condition is the health of the woman and the child: only a healthy mother with pregnancy physiological può give birth at home. This state is common to 85% of pregnant women.

It is useful to have an ambulance in the house, but it is important that the hospital is reachable in 30 min. There are rooms labor and delivery rooms, the positions and the required procedures and stereotypical, and the midwives are exclusively dedicated to the monitoring of labor and childbirth. the

there are parts induced, the parts operating (suction cup, forceps…), and even the Kristeller: the thrust on the belly così widespread in the hospital. The labor is not accelerated with the infusion of oxytocin.

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più easy to control the pain of the contractions with massage, relaxation or other methods natural that the woman prefers. Not episiotomy (cut to the vagina) unless it is inevitable,

The mother can; choose people that wants to have sé. Può eat and drink in labor, take a bath, a shower and also a walk. After the birth the baby remains with the mother and può be immediately attached to the breast.

controls for mother and child follow their rhythm and not the routine of the hospital and are used drugs only if necessary (in many hospitals, the Methergin is given routinely to all women is that I need it, or less, without taking into account of the side effects).

The respect of the woman and of the time of birth is important not only becauseé the experience of childbirth is one of the moments più beautiful in the life of a woman, but also becauseé any interference or disturbance makes the delivery very più long and painful.

The woman is exposed to an unnecessary ” medicalization, così common in our hospitals and clinics, which is one of the causes of the sharp increase in caesarean sections.


può give birth at home if the pregnancy is less than 37 wk. or più 42 sept. You can notò induce labor, you must move if labor does not progress, and must be induced by drugs, or if you need a caesarean section.

può do the epidural. Non può give birth at home who has had a previous caesarean section or the foetus has breech.

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Some women choose this solution for a previous hospital experience disappointing, other perché the hospital birth has been beautiful and rewarding and want to feel even moreù autonomous and protagonists.

Generally seem to me to be people who like to live the experience in first person, and are not likely to delegate, but want to feel involved in the decisions.

with Regard to the environment of any home well heated and with running water può be appropriate for the delivery, the things that must prepare the couple are few and the need is brought by the midwives at the end of 37 weeks.

Rarely, the mother chooses the bed, often is a sofa the first choice, with the knees resting on the soft pillows on the floor, but può go well in any room and location. After the birth, the visit to the child is made by the midwives to assess the adaptation and the reflections.

The pediatrician’s visit the baby within 24 hours of the birth and the midwife follows the puerperium of the mother and makes the screening of law between the 3 and the 5 a day..

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The advice preconcezionale

to give Birth with or without epidural?

The recommendations by the WHO for childbirth

Not to give birth before 39 weeks, read because it;

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