> Pregnancies to term and to Plan for Childbirth

According to the Path to the birth of the Health Plan of the Lazio Region and each Birth should have a clinic for the pregnancy to term where is guaranteed the reception of women with pregnancy-physiological from the 36th week.

the clinic is managed by the midwife, in collaboration with the gynecologist.

the result of The check is to be placed in a clinical in anticipation of the shelter. If your Birth does not provide, book a visit to learn about the documents required and to check that thereò that you have done is a good practice.

All of the visits in pregnancy are exempt from the ticket.

If you want to be subjected to partoanalgesia, the majority of Birth calls for a visit anesthetic between 32 and 37 weeks, with the interview, execution of the inspection and signature of the informed consent. This visit and the tests that follow are not exempt from the ticket.

In some Countries of Europe it is widespread, the custom of drawing up the Plan of the Birth. This is a document in which the woman writes what she wants for her birth. Writing down your wishes helps you to get closer to their emotions and their needs.

The Birth is a useful tool to understand whether the structure we have chosen is suited to us and può meet our demands and expectations. Può be taken a few days before the Birth we have chosen, or you can; to bring sé at the time of admission. Or you canò choose to use it to help those who is close to understand what we want and like to be close to the time of labor and delivery:

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“to Walk, to drink during labor, bring from home music, cushions or other objects that I have chosen not to stay attached to the monitor continuously, if not in the case of needà, have side by side companion or a person of my choosing, to be informed and involved in decisions that affect me (the eventual rupture of the amniotic sac, the infusion of oxytocin to increase contractions, etc…), give birth in any position other than lying on the bed if I wish it, to do or not to have the epidural, you can ask to avoid an episiotomy if not indispensable, to ask you to delay the cutting of the umbilical cord, if possible, to wait for that to stop pulsing, to be able to hold the baby on your belly as soon as born, and for all the time spent in the delivery room to be able to start breast-feeding, consistent with the needs of pediatricians”.

These are just some of the suggestions. Of course, if you wish, you can write your own personal Plan of Birth, or other notes in a notebook to keep with Calendar of Pregnancy.

Download the pdf of the Calendar of Pregnancy

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