> The pregnancy between 37 and 41 weeks, to the birth

To  the  delivery. The pregnancy between 37 and 41 weeks

Even if the precise day of birth is to be expected, the majority of children born around 40 weeks pregnant. This è a date that is theoretical, calculated from the first day of your last period.

actuallyà the time of the birth of può also vary of 4 to 5 weeks from the date the theoretical calculated; in fact, consider to be at the end of the pregnancies between the 37 weeks +0 days and 42 weeks +0 days.

In this last period, the child perfects the maturation of some functions (e.g. capacity to breathe), acquire weight and place of birth.

mom, starting from 38 weeks, generally breathe better becauseé “the abdomen lowers” and begin to perceive the contractions of the preparation for the labor. The modifications that characterize this stage, for most of the pregnancies, lead to physiologically at the beginning of labor.

If you see signs such as edema (swelling) in the legs, wrists, face, loss of blood or amniotic fluid, pain in the stomach, disturbances of sight, or other sensation that is perceived as disturbing, or if they are not perceived with the normal movements of the fetus, it is important to go to the più soon at the Point of Birth to exclude risk conditions maternal and/or fetal.

The plan of care expected for this period takes into account the characteristics and the needsà the individual (e.g. first-time mother or pluripara) and is implemented in partnership between the Point of Birth you have chosen the professionals that have been following the pregnancy.

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In anticipation of a planned caesarean section will be booked examinations pre-operative visit anesthetic according to the organization provided for in each Birth Point.

In the pregnancies to continue, beyond 41 weeks (that is; to 41 weeks +0 days) or those in which you manifest specific clinical indications, it is necessary the monitoring of the pregnancy with the execution of the cardiotocograph (path for the evaluation of fetal well-being) and sonographic evaluation of the amounts and categories of the amniotic fluid (AFI).

può be the proposed “the division of the membranes” in order to reduce the needà of pharmacologic induction of labor.

The separation of the membranes takes place during the visit of the vaginal and può cause discomfort, pain, slight bleeding, and può be the cause of the rupture of the membranes.

Theinduction real is to start labor through the use of drugs (prostaglandins vaginally, oxytocin intravenously) or without the use of drugs, that is; with the amnioressi (breaking instrumental of amniotic membranes).

Generally, labor is induced before 42 weeks +0 days sinceé the continuation of the pregnancy is more frequently associated with conditions of suffering and mortality,à fetal.

What to prepare for in the hospital waiting for the birth


  • Calendar of Pregnancy;
  • the

  • documents of identityà.
  • the

  • health insurance Card; for women in foreign Countries belonging to the European Union, TEAM card/ENI;
  • the

  • for women belonging to non-eu Countries and without a residence permit, code STP (Foreigners Temporarily Present), which is issued by the services, the ISI (Information of Health-Immigrants):
  • the

  • personal effects for mother and baby recommended from Birth  chosen;
  • the

  • full of fuel into the machine, and voucher for parking.
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When to go to the hospital for the birth


  • when the contractions are regular for intensityà, frequency, and duration by at least a couple of hours.
  • the

  • happens when, the loss of the “waters” (amniotic fluid), especially if the color of the liquid is clear (green, brown or yellowish) it is important to immediately go to the hospital;
  • the

  • when the blood loss are more than a few drops;
  • the

  • in all cases in which they have doubts.

Download the pdf of the Calendar of Pregnancy

Not to give birth before 39 weeks, read because it;

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