> Activity; moderate physical, exercise to keep the più easy to pregnant

A recent survey conducted by the Boston University è arrived at these conclusions. The results, published in Fertility and Sterility indicate that the activityà physics would affect favorably on the fertilityà but with a variabilityà of success related to the body mass index.

Lauren Wise, epidemiologist who coordinated the research, has monitored more than 3,500 women, l’ with an age varying between 18 and 40 years who reported having a stable relationship and not to be subjected to treatments for fertilityà.

All of them have tried to get pregnant in the course of the year of observation.

The analysis of the data has allowed us to associate the activity; moderate physical, such as walking, playing, gardening, or biking, for a greater possibilityà to remain pregnant and in a più quick in conception.

in Fact, the volunteers who had engaged in the activitiesà physics for più five hours a week had 18% in più of probability; to become pregnant.

with regard To women obese or overweight has been detected no association between physical exercise and the moment of conception, while women very skinny have used più time to getting pregnant while engaging in the activity; in physics.

The Wise, considered the data of the research, “recommends moderate exercise to all women who want to have a baby, it is a support healthy and necessary.”

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7 aprile 2012

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