> Alcohol and pregnancy: you should avoid drinking for a few months to protect the baby

L’8 march, the day designated to celebrate the social achievements of women, this year sarà also the opportunity to launch a message to the women about the damage of fetal alcohol-related in pregnancy, a social problem, often underestimated but one that is necessary to make light, to promote a serious culture of prevention.

In this perspective, the SIGO (Società Italiana of Gynecology and Obstetrics) and AssoBirra (Association of the Industrialists of the Beer and Malt) are launching the second edition of the campaign “If you are expecting a child, alcohol can wait”, to inform and raise awareness among women about the syndrome, alcohol fetal related, and how to prevent them.


The campaign makes use of the più tools and media (such as web sites www.sigo.it and www.beviresponsabile.it avrà the support convinced a group of characters in the female celebrity, writers, bloggers, chefs, and sports who have decided to embrace this initiative.

A true “movement of opinion” that will tryà to have a dialogue on the network, making the culture on this delicate aspect of the life of the expectant moms.

“If you are expecting a child, alcohol can wait” you will liveà therefore online on www.sigo.it and on the site that AssoBirra has dedicated to the responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages: www.beviresponsabile.it.

The site of the campaign is built on two different areas of information – dedicated to doctors, gynecologists, and obstetricians – that summarizes the main scientific evidence on the subject – and another designed specifically for women, expressed in simple and clear messages with the aim to raise the awareness of young people about the importance of not drinking alcohol, not only in pregnancy but also in the previous month and invite them to contact your gynecologist for advice, learn more about the topic and understand how to deal with it.

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Alcohol and pregnancy: you should avoid drinking for a few months to protect the child.

Each year, on average, in Italy more than 560.000 women become mothers. And many, especially in the first pregnancy, ask: how we behave in relation to alcohol? If I am pregnant I have to stop ever drinking? Or a glass every so often is allowed in my diet?

And yet: it is important to leave the alcohol già when you è in the first few months of waiting? Behind these questions there are behaviors that, according to research commissioned by AssoBirra, speak of a hard core of about 8 out of 10 who don’t drink or stop drinking alcohol as soon as they learn of their pregnancy, while 17% reduces the consumption of alcoholic beverages but does not eliminate them entirely, and 4%  keeps the same habits pre-pregnancy.

in Addition, the risks associated with the consumption of alcohol in pregnancy are a sensitive topic and not completely known, especially in Italy.

The fetus has no defenses compared to alcohol taken by the mother. This substance può to interfere with its development, resulting in the emergence of the so-called disorders fetal alcohol related, which may result in permanent damage and irreversible as anormalità growth, mental retardation, and alterations in the somatic.

These disorders, depending on the combination and severityà are distinct in FAS syndrome (fetal alcohol), FAE (birth defects alcohol-related) and FASD (disorders related to the use of alcohol during pregnancy).

In research published in September 2011, the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, has revealed that 7.6% of infants italians were exposed during pregnancy to alcohol maternal.

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And although even today, science cannot tell us with certainty whether or not there is a amount; minimum alcohol safe,  pregnant  it is thought prudent to avoid  fully the consumption of a substance, alcohol in fact, that could create problems to the central nervous system of the unborn child, with the attendant risk of mental retardation or behavioral disorders.

this is important to a campaign supported by the health professionals più authoritative and competent gynecologists and obstetricians, as indicated by the Italian women as the realityà più authoritative can affect their decisions – that guides future mothers towards the right behavioral choices in the matter of alcohol.


Here, finally, are some simple tips useful for women who are pregnant or who are planning to have a baby, on how to deal with this important and delicate moment of his life:


  • Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can; cause damage to the child nascerà
  • the

  • Già in the first weeks of pregnancy alcohol you drink può the damage is done
  • the

  • The damage that you can do to your child by drinking alcohol are not curable
  • the

  • Not consuming alcohol you can completely avoid these damages
  • No dose of alcohol is considered safe during pregnancy
  • the

  • If you have già consumed alcohol during pregnancy does not continue to farloSe you are planning a pregnancy abstain from drinking alcohol

For more information: www.sigo.it – www.beviresponsabile.it

Pregnancy low risk: the information contained in the video, così as the text of the song correspond to, and reflect recommendations taken from the guidelines of the schools of the Sanità international.



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10 march 2012