> The diet in pregnancy. The mineralogramma and other tests

The approach to the biochemical test is all aimed at the verification of the entire spectrum organic mineral, divided into macroelements, microelements and toxic elements. the

centre Point: the biochemistry of enzymes. As is well known, the almost allà of the organic reactions è sponsored by special molecules of protein catalyst called enzymes. They are from three thousand to five thousand for every cell, organic and function require the presence of minerals. Each enzyme is characterized by the close relationship that binds one or more ions in the minerals.

so, for example, it is estimated that 500-dependent enzymes magnesium in deficiency of the mineral may be inactivated or partially or completely causing the onset of symptoms sub-clinical diseases in some of the district staff.

A pò less “art” and a pò più science.

The test is run by taking a sample of hair of about 1 gram, pick-up in growth points più recently (on the back of the head or in the region behind the ear) to make the Mineralogramma. The metabolism of the follicle is very well metabolism intracellular. The

the sample is sent to the laboratory where it is subjected to sophisticated procedures (spectrophotometer, mass, atomic absorption, a technique for the emission of plasma). Is drawn up a report, which is recognized internationally by the world Organisation of the sanità (WHO) and the Gems (Global Environmental Monitoring System) in the framework of the United Nations.

Perchè è così important the Mineralogramma?

The common tests on blood and provide us with information on usò that bathes the cells, not on thereò that resides inside of the same. It is, therefore, comparable to a biopsy, bloodless, able to reveal to us the exact composition of the fabrics in the mineral elements. Depends on workshop chosen and the number of elements examined, the più è the top is the number più that is the test.

the introduction of The Mineralogramma is the equivalent of an open window to the inside of the cell and allows you to switch from a control in the empirical targeted monitoring of nutrition, a pò less “art” and a pò più science. In particular, through the examination of the mineral imbalances and the presence of minerals toxic, is used to assess the oxidative metabolism and energy, hormonal imbalances, the state of stress and the numerous psycho-physical problems, including therefore an intervention riequilibrativo, also nutritional.

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The interpretation of the data provided by the Mineralogramma.

If we examine the data of the test surface, they will remain a surprise package sealed. Deficiencies or excesses of various minerals are of particular importance, are only indicative of a trend, not a pathology, virtual or in the act.

Are instead the più important relationships that exist between them. For many years in the USA, you è developed in parallel with the use of the test, an interpretative technique based on the control neuroendrocrino, divided as it is known in the two subgroups of the sympathetic system with the functions of the accelerator, endocrine, and parasympathetic system, with the functions of slow motion endocrine.

we All belong to one or other of the systems (iperossidatori or ipossidatori), with different modulations arising from the status of the thyroid and adrenal glands. the

Diet and Nutritionism.

systems thinking is the word new that are taking, even medicine and food science. It consists of an approach to più complete, open and to the various health problems.

For example: dietitians classics recognized almost exclusively the tripartite carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, and giving excessive importance to the calculation of the calories, which is totally inadequate for a proper physiology of the diet.

Today, modern nutritionists recognize the other 50 nutritional factors and different when they talk about minerals, they call them”mineral nutrients”. The modern nutritionism is aware of the synergies and antagonisms that exist between minerals, vitamins, herbs, medicines and glands, neuroendocrine. Today, you can notò più to make confusion between oxidative metabolism and energy.

And if the dieticians classic knew già well enough of the division and the distinction of the lipid between and saturated fatty acids, or glucose between polysaccharides and monosaccharides etc, of the proteins knew only their composition in essential amino acids (not synthesised by the body) and non-essential, generalizing, and ignoring the different personality; biochemistry.

Today, however, it also speaks of the amino acid “quota”, in the light of the specificà and the biological characteristics of each individual, for example, the quantityà Arginine produced from an organism’s young is absolutely inadequate to meet the needs of the growth period and the contingency becomes that amino acid in the essential to these subjects.

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it Is curious how the old wisdom of thumb popular to know some foods that favored the growth of (type of cod), while not knowing that in them there was a high content of Arginine. But today, the modern nutritionist non può più ignore these things, as not può più assert generally that gluconeogenesis (the process by which the body stressed out and lacking adequate energy resources, it will consume its own tissue protein to extract the glucose) consist in the consumption of the full spectrum of amino acids that make up proteins.

Today, we make distinctions, and we know that gluconeogenesis affects some amino acids such glucogenici (sugar producers) such as Arginine, Glycine, Alanine, aspartic Acid. You might also know the carattieristiche of other groups of amino acids, aromatic, basic, branched chain, sulfur, etc..

The knowledge of amino acids and their effects on health, allows modern nutritionists the control of several organic functions, not the least of which is the proper intake of proteins or carbohydrates, according to the needsà the individual, since the nutrients are not universally applicable in every situation.

another merit must go to the modern nutritionists: the one you have highlighted, explained and justified the concept of food supplement.

When you establish a diet in fact you dà for granted that certain substances (minerals, vitamins, etc.,) are content enough in some foods. But the proof of facts not è così. The industrial chain food provides us with flour and sugar too refined and deprived of the active ingredients, empty calories, in fact.

The cannery resorts too often to the dyes and additives that in the long run can be harmful to health. Fruits and vegetables are picked still immature and are set to mature in silos, with the result, for example, that if we assume a value of 100 mg of vitamin C for every orange, there are only 4 mg!

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it Is essential, that in the organism there are always concentrations of active ingredients to such an extent that the biochemical reactions and enzyme systems can operate in a way appropriate both for biosynthesis and for energy phenomena or treatment.

The vitamins are now assigned different roles, from that of catalysts organic, in charge of the fundamental vital processes, to the protection of cells from chemical, physical, bacterial and viral. Also, it should be on his way, the hypothesis of the vitamins such as “solvents of minerals, can facilitate the reduction of the latter in the ionic form, i.e.; bio-available.

minerals &is now recognized widely crucial and central, implicated as they are in the dynamics of the enzymes, così well as to the amino acids, which we mentioned earlier. Special attention should be paid to some factors antinutrizionali such as tannins, phytates, oxalates, lectins, and the resorcinoli, each of which represents a potential danger for a healthy and proper diet.

is Not this site is suitable for a broad understanding of the topics reported. However, we can try to draw a quick conclusion.

The modern nutritionism should be moving more towards the “construction of the meals around the principles of active nutrition”, and only secondarily is observed, the problem of calories. As is the common power supply is sufficient to provide us with the quantityà the right of the active principles of which we have need, we have to resort to the supplementation of food. It then becomes more and moreù important, the use of a test such as the Mineralogramma, for a targeting of the daily requirement of supplements.

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