> Table for the calculation of ideal weight

The meeting point of the line drawn by the ruler with the center-line will indicateà the band in which you place your weight (underweight, normal, overweight, obese).

please note that the central line represents the body mass index (BMI) obtained by dividing the weight (in kg.) to the square of their height (in meters). (SOURCE: NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF NUTRITION).

NOTE: pregnancy is dangerous even to the underweight, and not only the obesityà.

source: National Institute of Nutrition

A fast-track system for calculating the ideal weight is established by the FORMULA OF LORENZ:

(h-100) – [(h-150)/ 2

NOTE: h=height in centimeters Ex. Woman of 25 years old, 1.75 m, weighs 60 Kg: (175-100)-[(175-150)/2] = 75 – 12,5 = 62,5 that is; the patient is 2 kg underweight



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Page modified February 10, 2013

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