> Vegan diets and vegetarian diets, are safe in pregnancy?

This is a focus on vegan diets and vegetarian diets in pregnancy, with a glance at the scientific literature on the topic, as well as a discussion of the clinic, to try to understand what should be the orientation on a theme rather than actual.

Focusing on the pregnancy there are two important jobs to consider. The first, very interesting, is a series of case reports produced by doctors Dror and Allen, 2008.

In the study were observed 30 cases of severe deficit of vitamin b12 pregnant, vegan women with pernicious anemia. These vegan women with deficiency of B12 during pregnancy, approximately 60% of their children had a growth retardation severe and 37% had a brain atrophy.

With replacement therapy the majority of the neurological symptoms retracting, but in the 50% delay of the development is persisted even by administering vitamin b12 and this può be a long-term result of b12 deficiency.

The clinical significance is that you have to share with the patients, that make a plant-based diet, these news and it is important to make sure that you have sufficient levels of vitamin b12, iron, zinc omega 3 fats long chain while pregnant.

Il secondo articolo importante è del British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology pubblicato nel 2015.

this Is a systematic review of what comes out of all the literature on the topic. The authors found 13 jobs and focus on results maternal and fetal, and in nine of these there were of the deficiency of nutrients.

The limit of these works was that there are no randomized studies on vegan diets and vegetarian diets in pregnancy. It is very difficult to create clinical recommendations are clear. The epidemiological data are heterogeneous, however, there is a clear association with outcomes ominous. In a large study on vegan diets, and vegetarian dishes, there was some increase of hypospadias (a congenital malformation due to incomplete and abnormal development of the urethra and penis).

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The thing to remember is that vegan diets and vegetarian options are sì that the patients are at risk for a quantity; deficiency of the nutrients: vitamin B12 in vegan diets (and even in those that are vegetarian), iron, zinc and omega 3 fats, long-chain. From the point of view of nutrition, these come only from fatty fish and from the foods that live in the sea. It is difficult to have them during the pregnancy.

of course, we have many healthy babies born to vegan women and vegetarian, but you have to think of a supplementation in the case of, for example, past history of mood disorders, becauseé we have some data that says that women who take a lot of fish, or with high levels of DHA tend to have a lower risk of postpartum depression.

we must Not oppress the patients on our or their diet, but our job is to help them understand the consequences of nutrition of their food plan and help them obtain all the nutrients with the right foods or with supplements.

Fonte: Drew Ramsey, Medscape


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