> Pregnancy screening and prenatal diagnosis: Bitest. The Triple Test, Nuchal Fold

it is important that the couple stories all the diseases present in the family, even if it is not; ensure that they are hereditary. This può be followed by genetic counselling.

almost allà of the children was born healthy, but about 3 out of every 100 children present at the birth of the malformations or hereditary diseases.

Some of these can be identified before birth through specific surveys calls, examinations, diagnostic prenatal, while others may be diagnosed only after birth.

This means that in spite of the advances in technology you can; know it all before.

Before the birth you may be looking for only certain diseases due to defects in the chromosomes, the corpuscles which carry the information for the new be, for example,

the Down syndrome.

To identify Down syndrome and other rare diseases you canò do amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling, invasive examinations, is not free from risk. The amniocentesis, after the age of 35, is provided for by the protocol of examinations will be exempt from payment of the ticket.

Involves taking a sample of amniotic fluid through the abdomen of the mother, and is running between 16 and 18 weeks.

carries a risk of 0.5% of losing the pregnancy, and the result is sure.

Is in an outpatient setting with special features, services and is run many.

Before you can do the exams approach or screening subject to the payment of the ticket, which give a risk of custom, on which you canò take the next decision whether to take the exam invasive. In the case of increased risk for familiarà or for previous is possible to book a “visit genetic” using the number 803333 for increased risk with M50. If there are actual reasons to fear sarà can perform the inspections regime gratuità.

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Bitest. Triplo Test Plica Nucale

The path for the screening of Down syndrome should be offered to all women by 13+6 weeks. If the woman presents at the first meeting at a time that does not allow the offer of the test in the first quarter, a test like the Triple Test must be offered in the time più late (for example, between 15+0 weeks and 20+0 weeks).

For women who have chosen the bitest – including nuchal translucency, chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), plasma protein associated with pregnancy (PAPP-A) – this must be done between 11+0 weeks and 13+6 weeks.

The isolated measurement of nuchal translucency is not; recommended to identify the syndrome.

Screening and prenatal diagnosis

available Tests in Lazio, addresses, and modeà booking

Hospital S. Spirito ASL RME

(Lun.-Fri. 8-12)

Tel. 06/68352339 (Bitest Amniocentesi)

Sant’anna Institute  ASL RMA

(Lun.-Fri. 8.30-13.30)

Tel. 06/77302613 (Bitest Amniocentesi)

Tel. 06/8546551 (Ecografie)

Policlinico Umberto I

Tel. 06/4463069 (Amniocentesis at the Center for Diagnosis)

Tor Vergata

Tel. 06/20903337 (chorionic villus sampling and the bitest)

Croce Rossa Italiana

Tel. 06/657502201 (Bitest)

‘ospedale Israelitico

Tel. 06/602911 (Bitest)

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