> Amniocentesis and detachment, placental

The new gynecologist that I met only once, told me that I need to do l’amniocentesis, but not explained to me if there is a risk più top of the normal one in the case of detachments.

I have 31 years. Can you help me to clarify? Thank you very much.

Dearest one, are decisions you have to make you. The bistest says that your risk is low, the più the bottom of an 18 year old girl, but it is not; zero, è one of over 4000… for you and your husband is enough?

I mean, if you are that one out of 4000 and the child is the affection that you think?

The gap increases a little the risk (già present, even if very low) of losing the baby due to amniocentesis… and at this point the risk of losing a healthy baby due to amniocentesis è più higher than the one of having a child with Down syndrome.

what you want to do? Only to you, properly informed decision.

For us, the risk of having a child ill is very low, very più the bottom of the risk of losing a healthy child to the amniocentesis, and then we tend to sconsigliarla in this case.

But we are not having to make the decision, you are you, the parents. What you want to do?

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2 settembre 2012