> Analysis of beta-Hcg, as you read?

4-8 weeks 1500-209000; 9-11 weeks 100000-218700; 2 quarter 2800-176100; 3 quarter 2800-144400; non-pregnant: 0-5


Dearest one, miss your value, if you send it to me I will help you better.

The beta, however, does not serve to establish the week, contrary to what you think, because;, as you can see from the values that you have copied, will vary a great deal.

If you climb regularly, moreover, they do not say that the pregnancy is evolving, because; they are the result of the work of the placenta, which canò continue to work for days even in the absence of the embryo.

the Moral of the story: is useful to make the beta only in case of doubt or problems, or symptoms, pain, or loss, è necessary to make più of a perchè only the comparison può help to understand.

For pregnancy in the normal evolution, however, without problems, is absolutely sufficient for the examination of urine traditional.

Then you makeà the ultrasound to the eighth week are not the first, to accurately assess the gestational age, possibly not with the transvaginal probe. Do not is dangerous but the latest guidelines recommend to avoid it.

The ultrasound, then, establishes the week, but not the beta.

running The beta hcg in normal pregnancy and physiological, not one, but even two or three times, it is useful to nothing, is very expensive and pollutes our world, because; it is done with a reagent radioactive.

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